The local communities are growing and being strengthened thanks to the caring and presence of a strong pastoral team. Through the “Krom Metta Karuna” (social committee of the church) we carefully follow up on families lacking the means for living such as food or basic medicines.

The church compound at Kompong Rothe includes a students’ hostel where young boys from poor villages can have access to education in public schools of Kompong Thom. There is also a house to shelter the sick, and a health referral program wich provides assistance to those who come from the villages and need access to hospitals.

The compound also includes a skills training centre for tailoring and embroidery and is run by Sr. Sudatip from the Thai Missionary Society. Women from severly poor backgrounds benefit from this training and gain economic independence thanks to the selling of their products. Santhiphiap centre, which is also run by the Thai sisters, hosts female high school students and provides themwith access to Kompong Thom public schools. In 2005 a new program started in collaboration with Jesuit Service Cambodia, providing support to people with disabilities through wheelchair distribution and basic needs such as food, health care and education




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